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"LOVE my smile" *****5

Josephine S.
I have had the pleasure of being treated by Dr. Tanna for several years now. I am in the retention stage and LOVE my smile. My treatment experience surpassed my expectations. I had few issues with my braces (i.e. poking wires) however when I did I was able to be seen right away. Dr. Tanna was great every step of the way, talking me through the why's and how's of each treatment phase. I received caring, knowledgeable support from the Tanna team, Karla and Darlene are amazing!! (most of my contact other than with Dr. Tanna has been with these two wonderful ladies). Everyone in the office greets you with a smile and makes you feel comfortable right away. If you are interested in braces or unsure about your options, I highly recommend calling Dr. Tanna to schedule a consultation today!!!


"Awesome Experience" *****5

Christian V.


anna Orthodontics provides an awesome experience! They are the best orthodontic team ever. Every office I went to said that'd I have to have extractions or some other horrifying method of straightening my teeth. But Dr. Tanna and his office found a way to do it with just braces. Also, they made every appointment pleasant and fun. Let me repeat that. THEY MADE DENTISTRY PLEASANT. That in itself is incredible. Thank you to Dr. Tanna himself and his team: Darlene, Monique, Carla, Eddy, Tyler, Ashley, Melissa, and Jennifer. You are all amazing people. I have much love for this office. Everyone who has teeth should go here! Even if you DONT have teeth, go here!



"His team is absolutely amazing" *****5


Eveline D. 

I absolutely fell in love with Dr. Tanna's office from my first visit, my consultation. His team is absolutely amazing they answered all my questions and made me feel so comfortable. Every visit was a joy to go, always greeted by name and with a smile. The office always has a different theme for every month its great. When seated in the back for treatment they where so on top of everything always had me in and out in no time! I had my braces for almost 2 yrs and just got them off and i love love love them it went by so fast and my teeth look great! I definitely recommend this office for kids and adults alike!



"WOW"...What An Experience...! *****5

By A. P.

Hello All.
***Please read my following experience with Tanna Orthodontics*** I am probably one of the most "impatient" patient an office can ever come across with...I always try to get appointments on the same day or the very near future. I am also very serious on the customer service I receive from staff Tanna Orthodontics have been very accommodating and they got the ball rolling...My daughter had her braces on within two (2) days...! My daughter had stage one braces completed at another orthodontic office and when she was ready for stage two...I did have concerns about her prior orthodontist and "everyone" I knew in Chino Hills would talk about Tanna Orthodontics...At that point, I scheduled a consultation and it was a "great" experience, they gave me a price list (At first I thought it was a little on the high end) Dr. Tanna himself suggested I visit the prior orthodontist and check with what they have to offer... I did and I am so happy went to the consultation because all of the concerns I had at the prior office were rectified...They offered no sense of urgency on expediting the ortho treatment and basically told me they would call me in about 4 weeks to let me know what the insurance approved and guess what...? They were not any cheaper! My daughter had her braces on the very same week at Tanna Orthodontics...Just to let everyone know that I think very highly of the professionalism I have received here at Tanna Orthodontics I am between two orthodontics office with two children and have NO regrets... Stop by and try them out.

Tanna Orthodontics *****5

By Radhika P.

Tanna Orthodontics really is world class. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time spent here while my teeth got straight. The staff is friendly, fun, professional, and enthusiastic about making your time in the office painless and quick. And if you ever do have problems they are prompt about addressing them. Dr. Tanna always knows what he is doing and unlike some dentists, he actually explains what he is doing and how it will affect your teeth. Overall, Tanna Orthodontics has continually impressed me with their service and professionalism while dealing with the otherwise painful task of creating beautiful smiles. They are committed to what they do and are enthusiastic about making your time worth it. I would recommend them to anyone in pursuit of a perfect smile. P.S. All of the staff is amazing, but ask for Alex. She totally ROCKS!

Tanna Orthodontics Rocks *****5

By Mike H.

I'm very glad I chose Tanna Orthodontics to give me the smile I always wanted. I'm also glad I got to meet the whole staff who made every visit pleasant and easy. My treatment went by very fast, I wish I would of done it a long time ago. It's the best investment I ever made!! Thanks to The whole Tanna Ortho team. I'm very thankful,
Mike Hernandez

My experience was great *****5

By Gina R.

After searching for just "the right" Orthodontist to make your only "beautiful" daughter even more beautiful....we found them. Dr. Tanna and staff are wonderful. The entire staff is so friendly and caring. The office is so nice and all the little extras that they do make you feel like part of their family. Thank you Dr. Tanna and Darlene for everything. You are the best and every time I look at Natalie's beautiful smile I will think of you.

Wonderful experience! *****5

By A. W.

Everything about the office exceeded our expectations! The staff is caring and made my son feel special. The office is very clean and kid-friendly, with state-of-the-art equipment. We always had no problems in getting seen when something needed an adjustment, and never had to wait for our regular appointments. They were also more affordable than another office we consulted with. I would highly recommended Tanna Orthodontics!

Very Satisfied *****5

By Antoinette G.

I have been bringing my son to Tanna Orthodontics since 2006 and he has had a great experience during each visit. The staff and Dr. Tanna are all so very personal and professional. The office is bright, airy, and inviting. The building is easy to find and we always find parking close the office. One of the things I like most is the paperless office that Dr. Tanna has in place. I receive a reminder phone call and an email a day or two before my son's appointment which is very helpful. My son's teeth are looking beautiful and I would recommend Dr. Tanna to all.

Delightful experience! *****5

By Gessell J.

My son has had a great orthodontic experience with Dr. Tanna and his great staff. Everyone here has been great. The office is clean and the staff is always organized. I looked at several locations but decided on Dr. Tanna's office because of the friendly environment and the honest price. I would definitely recommend Dr. Tanna to others.



By Madilyn M.

Before I got braces, I went to many Orthodontics offices. Tanna Orthodontics was by far the best out of all of them. The staff is all very attentive, friendly, and fun. They make you feel like you matter and aren't just another patient, unlike the other offices I've been to. They really do their best to do what's in the best interest for the person getting work done and are very lenient with payment plans and such. I've been here for two years and I've never had any issues. They're the best! ;-D


By Isabella P.

really love this place and the staff is always so nice. They make it feel like its all about you. The games and contest are really fun too ;)


By Madelyn L. 

Tanna Orthodontics is a trustworthy organization. The entire staff treats you as if you matter and never leave the office without havinf all your problems fixed. I can honestly say that I have never had a bad experience at the office.


By Kaitlyn G.

I love how Dr. Tanna is so patient. He also cares about all the kids. He takes care of us and is always conserned. Thank you Dr. Tanna!!!!!!!!


By Cole G>

I love tanna ortho. I thought braces would hurt, but you guys made it fun and relaxing


By. Christian V.

Awesome place! The enviorment and staff is very friendly and efficient. 10/10 would get braces here again.


By Samantha R.

Tanna Orthodontics is one of the best places to go if you want strait, beautiful teeth. I am always excited for my next appointment. The staff are so nice and friendly and seem to love their job a lot. I would certainly prefer this place to anyone who asks. 



By Nancy L.

My experience has been awesome!. The staff are very friendly and respectful; another thing i noticed is that the facility is always really clean and i like to see every month with diderent decoration around.... it's fun!. Thank you Dr. Tanna for being really professional.


by Elisha S.

Tanna orthodontics is the best kept secret in town. they can help you straighten your teeth and time just keeps flying by with the help of their kind and caring staff.